The BNL RBI Club is pleased to offer you an opportunity to become a sponsor of our baseball program. Thank you for supporting BNL Stars Baseball.


Corporate billboard which will be displayed along the outfield fence during all home game. Each sign measures approximately 4'x8' and can display your corporate logo and company information. Signs are made by Mikels Signs LLC in Bedford. The cost for new sponsors is $250 for the first year (includes sign construction) and renewals are $125 each year thereafter.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact us via our Facebook page or Anna Gates at 812-583-1654

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Meaning of a BNL Baseball Player

Being a BNL Baseball player is an honor and wearing "Stars" across your chest gives our players a sense of pride and confidence.

B= Be coachable
N= Nobody outworks us
L= Locked in and focused
S = So what, next pitch
T = Two hundred feet
A = Attitude is everything
R = Respect the game
S = Selfless

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