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Victory Challenge 2017
Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Victory Challenge 2017

The 4th annual Victory Challenge was held in early March. The Victory Challenge is our way of wrapping up the off-season conditioning. The seniors drafted teams to compete in the 2 day/17 event competition. The competition was fierce this year. Six teams competed for the title, which includes a t-shirt, bragging rights, and their names on the locker room wall forever. The competition was tight all the way to the final event: the baseball quiz.

The White Team (with senior captains, Brandt Callahan and Michael Underwood, and four freshmen: Collin Arthur, Hunter Myers, Zane Harrison, and Ty McBride) teamed up to take home the 2017 title.

Event - individual winner (team):
Standing Long Jump – Logan McDonald (Grey)

Gold Glove – Brandt Callahan (White)

Pull ups – Drew Hensley (Black)

1 Minute Jump Rope – Drew Hensley (Black)

135lb Bench Press – Austin Long (Green)

Squat 1 Rep Max – Austin Long (Green)

1 Minute Sit ups – Hunter Myers (White)

1 Minute Push ups – Hunter Myers (White)

Throwing Accuracy – Tanner McBride (Red)

Basketball Shootout – Cole Mathews (Blue)

50 yard Swimming – Ethan Baer (Red)

Bunting – Trevyn Stiles (Red)

BP Cuts – Michael Underwood (White)

2 nd to Home Running – Brock Fleetwood (Blue)

Around the Horn – Team Grey

35lb Plate Relay – Team Green

Baseball Quiz – Team Black